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January 25, 2015

by Virginia Scott


Unfortunately, the weather prevented the scheduled Board meeting so we are trying again on Tuesday, the 27th (yes, I know you are reading this on Thursday or Friday but I am writing on Monday). The weatherman promises to have nice weather this week until the weekend. The moisture was welcomed especially since the wind was gentle if not absent.

We were able to put the student art exhibit up in the art room and two schools did not disappoint. We enjoy having all schools participate in the exhibit. I request that you ask if your school has brought us art and if not why. This is a program for our children and they enjoy the reception and the awards that are given. We will announce the reception date soon.

We have all our art from past exhibitors now hung in our meeting room. It is nice that we have them displayed for everyone to enjoy. These were in the office. Our new spaces are starting to look finished and the museum is becoming even better. Come visit us.


One of our rural school was Liberty School. Josephine Gentili memories from her days at the school was the ringing of the brass school bell. "Each day school started with the ringing of a brass bell. It was the hand bell which stayed on the teacher's desk. When the bell rang, students lined up in two rows near the entrance of the steps to the school. The brass bell always sounded loud and clear. It could be heard for quite a distance." She also recalled that two students would prepare soup, beans, or hot cocoa for all students at lunch. This added enjoyment to the lunches the students brought from home. ( this is from the Lipscomb Heritage newsletter, vol. 3 issue 14 in the fall, 1991. )

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