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August 25, 2013

by Virginia Scott


A busy week for us catching up on emails, minutes, requests, membership drive, etc. There is always something to do. Dorothy and Lovella are still working on their newspaper projects and we have received another request our newspapers, It seems universities are trying to digitalize as many of their regional newspapers as possible for future use.

Alex Hunt will be a guest speaker on September 29. He is a history professor at West Texas and will speak on our regional history. Watch for the posters.

The board met and we are in the process of planning our annual fundraiser dinner. stay tuned for the details for October. We are planning the menu and entertainment. I will report on the details of the board meeting next week.


Continuing with Ms. Wheatley's childhood memories, she writes "For a few years we believed in Santa Claus implicitly and retired early on Christmas eve to give him a chance. He would put in our stocking, which hung from the mantel, some candy, an orange, an apple or two, some nuts and likely some raisins. All these wrapped in different packages in much paper. This made the stocking a rather bumpy looking affair. There was seldom a toy, but I do remember a doll with China head lower limbs and arm from elbow down, peeped from my stocking. It was stuffed with saw dust and possibly a inches in length. I was very proud of it and at night would put it in a dresser drawer for safe keeping. Since then, I have seen little girls with big lovely dolls, that didn't seem to have much joy in possessing them. It took so little to make us happy. One reason I am writing this is to let posterity know how little we had to spend and we made the best of the lack of it."

Her words ring true today and we can learn from her story. Have a good week.

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