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March 6, 2011

by Virginia Scott


March has blown in and we are trying to keep our 'open' sign up. We do not fly our flags on days when the wind is over 15 mi/hour so these days we have not had them out . So when passing look for cars and the open sign that tells you we are here. I will publish our hours in this column as a reminder .

Our new exhibits are up and you will enjoy this one. Jerry Helmuth and Gary Steinberger are exhibiting their artistic endeavors. Jerry is showing his beautiful photographs of our wildlife, weather, and landscapes. His personal perspective of these subjects is refreshing and enjoyable. To complement the photographs, Gary offers his beautiful wildlife paintings on old blades and his unique rustic furniture. The exhibit is one of kind and you will enjoy it. A lot of the pieces are for sale so come in and browse. The exhibit will be available through March and April.

We will be sending out membership renewals and announcements during March and April. Our annual membership is our main fundraising event that gives up our operating budget for the year. Please look for your renewal in the mail and continue your support of our program.


Spring is approaching and on March 7, 1901, the state legislature proclaimed the bluebonnet the state flower. In the 1930's the state began a highway beautification program that included scattering bluebonnet seed beside roadways, thus extending the flower's range. The flower- called in some Indian lore a gift from the the Great Spirit- is the subject of countless photographs and paintings. It usually blooms in March and April down south . We have a patch in our museum flower bed and they are getting ready for spring bloom probably the end of the month.

With spring comes warm weather and soon children start thinking about swimming. In our new history book, Wade and E.J. Phillips provide us with a description of the fun, kids have had a local "Old Swimmin' Hole". The following is the ending to that great story : "The Plummer Creek wasn't the mighty Mississippi, but me and my friends, we sure enjoyed those hot summer days that we spent on the banks of that old creek, just a bunch of Panhandle Huck Finns." Thanks, Mr. Phillips for your great stories.

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