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October 27, 2013

by Virginia Scott


Another busy week for the museum and staff. On Wednesday, I traveled to Lubbock for the final meeting of the Texas Plains Trail for the year. This was a good meeting with opportunity to share our activities. There was a wonderful response to our business awards.
Saturday was our fundraiser and we had over 80 people present. The food was great and "The Outlaws" provided us with wonderful music. James Robertson acted as auctioneer and auctioned off a beautiful quilt made and donated by Dolores Bell and window framed art donated by Pam Haines. The evening was very successful and we thank each and everyone of you for participating and supporting the museum and its programs.

We will be taking down and setting up exhibits in the art room this week. The exhibit is the Quanah Parker exhibit from Fort Worth. It is a photographic exhibit that tells the story of Quanah and its life. It will be on exhibit through November. Please plan to come and view it.

We are in our last month for 2013 which has been a very successful year. The new addition is underway and so when we open again in January we will be busy planning for the opening of our new exhibits,etc.

This week is Halloween so enjoy Trick or Treat night


From the October 29,1963 issue of the Kiowa Valley Independent newspaper, an article entitled "My Brothers Keeper" by Rev. L.J. Ehrlich provides the following wisdom from the past :

The preacher had just finished a hot and scorching sermon on the sin of swearing. He had stated a number of times that he knew one of his listeners was guilty.

When the service was over, the people file out of the door: first was a woman who was never suspected of using foul language, with a red angry face she said 'I will never darken the door again'

Before the astonished preacher could recover from this blast another replied, 'Well, brother, if I had known you were here this week I would have been more careful of my speech.'
A third said, 'I think you might at least have come to me privately before you told the whole church'
A fourth remarked, 'I never was so embarrassed in my life,' and in anger hurried off.
Then came the real culprit...the target that the preacher had in mind. With a bland, innocent smile, he grasped the preacher's hand and said, 'Brother, that is what I call real preaching!! You certainly poured it on THEM today.'

Two facts are clear from this : 1. Truth will cover everything and 2. the guilty usually pass it on to others, or try to.

Modern Proverb: The average main's idea of a good sermon is one that goes over his head... and hits a neighbor.

Have a good week.

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