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May 22, 2011

by Virginia Scott


I am writing this on Saturday evening from our hotel room in Antler, OK. We have traveled through Oklahloma stopping at the museum and Indian Hall of Fame in Anadarko. Very interesting and got some pointers on beadwork. Did you know that some 'Indian' beadwork may be 'German' beadwork. The early nineteenth century german seamstresses made purses, etc with the same type of beads that were later traded to the Indians and used on their creations. Therefore today, creating some confusion… a red flag for museums and collectors when acquiring and labeling beadwork.

The Hall of Fame exhibits all the tribes presently in Oklahoma and Indians from the 1700's to present that have successfully contributed to America and the Indian culture. Among the group were Will Rogers and Quanah Parker. There is also a medal of honor winner, an olympic champion, of course, all the famous warriors like Geronimo. A very interesting place.

When you read this we will be returning from Houston and the meeting of the American Association of Museums with a new bag of tricks. One of which I hope is how to create a blog.

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