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March 11, 2018

by Virginia Scott


I was on the road again last week with a trip to Happy for the Texas Plains Trail Board meeting. We met at the Frosted Rose Ranch so the scenery was great. It is amazing how beautiful our flat geography looks good in all seasons and weather. It was business as usual with the board with updates on the new passport program, distribution of our literature and the happenings at state level. We have the new issue of Travelhost visitor and museum guide that has the passport as an insert, so please come by and get one and plan a day trip.

The museum volunteer staff has been experiencing some personal and family illnesses this winter so we have been short handed. We hope they will recover soon and return to the museum. We also need new volunteers so if you have a free day or afternoon come visit with us and let us show around. You get to pick your area of interest and work area.

The Quanah Parker poster exhibit has arrived and will be available for viewing this week. It tells the story of his life and activities as a Comanche chief.

Robert Mercer's photographs are up and ready for viewing. His reception will be Sunday, April 8th at 2pm.


If you think the debate over guns is new to us in today's world, you would be wrong. There was a debate on guns, guns safety, etc. in 1917. The March 15 issue of the Limelight reported the following with the headline:

"Carelessness with Firearms"
There is not a week passes that we do not read of accidents caused by carelessness with firearms. So many people killed or crippled from this cause that it would seem that people would finally become convinced that a gun is dangerous. Last week... Dr. Stults of Okla was accidentally shot by Luther Farmer. The doctor was driving by just as the young man shot at a bird in a tree between himself and the road. He missed the bird and the bullet struck the Doctor in the face, going in on one cheek and coming out on other.
The debate continues.

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