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January 19, 2020

by Virginia Scott


Well, I am starting the year out with getting my dates and meetings mixed up. I stated last week that our board was meeting. Well, they didn't because the meeting was this week, the 22nd. So I will report on the meeting next week.

The museum and historical commission will be preparing our annual report to Texas Historical Commission and preparing our goals for next year.

We need volunteers to assist with our projects and for assisting us on Wednesdays so if you are interested , please drop by on Wednesday and visit with us and we will tour you around. Preserving our history is fun and rewarding.


With elections upon us, here is an election announcement from 1920:
"I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of County Judge of Lipscomb County, subject to the will of people in the election November, next. In offering myself for this position of honor and trust I do so at the solicitation of my friends and because I feel sure that I can be helpful in developing the interest of the county . During the years I have lived among you I have tried to be a good and loyal citizen, loyal to our County, state and Nation. If elected I will spare no time of pains to make a good and faithful servant of the people who honor me with the office and trust me with the public welfare. Yours Truly, M.L. Blankinship."

I could not locate the election results, but he served as Judge from 1920 to 1926.

Please come and view the school art and enjoy your week.

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