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April 22, 2012

by Virginia Scott

It is with a heavy heart that I write the column this Week. As you read the paper on Thursday, we will have said our goodbyes to Mildred Becker. Mildred was one of the original board members of the 1976 County Historical Commission and One of the editors of the first County History Book published in 1976 for the Centennial celebration for Texas.
She also contributed to the two volumes of Follett history and coauthored the historical commissions publications on our first settlers of German Descent,and the Lipscomb County soldiers killed in action.
Most importantly, Mildred was the driving force behind the museum with its beginnings in the early 1980's until several years ago. It was her drive and determination that raised the monies to construct our present building. She lead the volunteers in the design of our exhibits and the development of the organization . It was Mildred and Dorothy Schoenhals that recruited and built our core team. She was the director of the museum until she suffered a stroke. It was then that she turned the duties over to me. She continued coming to the museum until she relocated to the Dallas area. Mildred that inspired us all to do our best, to treasure our heritage, and to preserve their rich stories for future generations.
We will miss her dearly. The museum will be closed all day Thursday in her honor.

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