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March 24, 2019

by Virginia Scott


We had a great crowd Sunday for our reception for Brady Smith. Plenty of conversation and it is always nice to have first time visitors to the museum. Everyone comments on how nice our museum is, this is always nice to hear. We also enjoy return visitors finding new things to enjoy. We are always adding and rotating items to continue the story of Lipscomb County.
We will be preparing the agenda for our first board meeting for 2019. The board meets quarterly and has representatives from each of our five towns. The members are published in our newsletter which will be sent out after the board meeting.


Texas has always been proud of their roads. In the April 24, 1919 issue of the Limelight, The editors printed the following description of how roads benefitted the farmer from the Texas Industrial Congress:
"The rural mail delivery service has been a God-send to the farmers and their families. It has made them citizens of the world. This service depends for its efficiency and regularity upon the conditions of the roads. If the road is good the farmer can have his reading matter when he is able to make use of it, and through improved ways of communication his family begins to develop an interest in the community and in the great world from which otherwise, it is completely barred. There is no spur to mental growth so great as the opportunity to grow. To be in touch with the world every day in the year, the farmer should derive no other benefit from paying it. Good roads in Texas mean a greater Texas."
This is still true and we still need and appreciate our roads and our rural mail carriers and our rural post offices. Have a good week.

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