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September 29, 2019

by Virginia Scott


A sad week for us. One of our volunteers Vonda Boughan passed away. Vonda was a Motivation Education & Training worker that we received through their programs. She organized our files and assisted in our research and educated us on the Higgins history as well as the Panhandle area. She will be missed.

I was out of town this last week so didn't get the local gossip to pass on to you. Did receive this from one of our county historians for the meaning of "pantatorium". According to a 1909 publication entitled "The Standard". It stated the following: "The term 'pantatorium' is a business where they press men's clothing. This possibly is a western word and has not reached the elite east, and my prophecy would be that inside of five years we will establish another business where clothing of a different nature will be pressed, and probably they will christen such a business 'Pantaletem'. The Webster dictionary did not have it listed."
This fits with our article so another mystery solved a word to put with my list.


Our annual fundraiser will be October 12, 6:30 pm in Follett at the Fellowship Hall, Methodist Church. Tickets are $25/person. You can call for reservations st 806-852-2123. There will be food , fun , and live entertainment. Our auction will be live this year.

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