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November 8, 2015

by Virginia Scott

Another beautiful fall week and perfect weather to attend all the dinners in honor of our veterans. I hope you attend at least one to thank them for their service to our county. The museum is busy trying to complete our unfinished projects and housekeeping to close for the holidays.
Lovella and Vonda attended a meeting in Amarillo concerning the senior community service program and I will report on their comments next week.

If you haven't visited the museum to see the doll exhibits please do so before we close on the 25th. These dolls are one of a kind and are so life-like that you have to hug at least one of them. The collection of Avon dolls are reminders of the 1960's and 70's when these style of dolls were a must for every girls Christmas.

Our membership drive is going well and we thank everyone for again supporting the museum and our projects and programs. We are planning next year so if you have a collection or you are an artist and want an exhibit please call.

REMINDER: Our last day for 2015 is Wednesday, November 25th.


Last Tuesday was the official Election Day. Prior to 1844, each state set its election day, and Congress feared that results from other states would influence voters who had yet to vote so they decided to set a national day for elections.
The first Tuesday in November was selected primarily because other days were discarded. Sunday, the Sabbath, was definitely out, and Monday wouldn't work because that would require many voting residents from rural areas to travel on Sunday in order to make the polls on Monday. Tuesday was the next best day, and Congress made it so. They also stipulated that Election Day should be the first Tuesday in November after the Monday so that the day did not conflict with November 1, a Catholic holy day known as All Saints Day. Thus Election Day became a nationwide holiday.
Other holidays for November are Veterans Day (11th), Great American Smokeout (20), Thanksgiving Day (27), St. Andrew and Advent (30). Even though we don't declare days off for most of these take a very moments to recognize their meaning and on the Great American Smokeout tell a smoker you care about their health (this from a former smoker). Have a good week.

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