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April 11, 2010

by Virginia Scott


We are at 375 stories with probably enough to catalog in to make it over 400 family stories. However we have had enough requests and enough assignments for stories that we are extending the deadline to end of May. So there is no excuse get those family, military, business, church,organizational stories in. The book is looking good and we are catching up with ourselves. The museum is a mess of paper and stacks of work in progress but it is a very organized caucus. We thank everyone who have been showing up to assist the core team especially those of you who like to type.

There will not be an exhibit in the our art room during April. We are using it as a work room so we can spread out for editing, etc. We invite you to come and visit the Art from the Ruins exhibit and our other regular displays.

We presented our annual report to the commissioner's court Monday and took their photo for the History Book. The court was informed that the Lipscomb County Historical Commission received the Texas Historical Commission 2009 Distinguished Service Award. Willis Smith presented the award to the Wednesday Core Team. A press release has been sent to area media concerning the award.


Some of the conversations that have been happening with the submission of histories is how we record our histories. We tend to record only the good and not the bad. We report on the awards and the good times but not the scandals and murders. We report on political scandals and sometimes elicit affairs but most of that is left to future generations to uncover and expose. The question is : Is this the way it should be? I have a file that I refer to as my blood and guts file. It has the story of Pete Trexler and the Follett bank robbery but it also has some of Lipscomb County murders. Should I share these with you in my column and in our book? Our children receive our countries history in much the same way. We teach and record what we want to share, the rest is stored away and hopefully forgotten. Is this correct or should we show and talk about our blemishes as well as our greatness? Should we include family black sheep and scandals in with the lawyers, doctors, and super achievers. From what I am seeing, reading, and hearing, you will get a little of both in our second volume. If you have a strong opinion on how history should be recorded, let us know. Write your story and have a good week.

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