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October 28, 2018

by Virginia Scott


Another good turnout for Bingo on Saturday. We had a good time with everyone winning at least once. The question was asked if we would continue Bingo once the courthouse relocated. The answer is yes we will continue to have our events with our original setup by the gift shop. Some of you may remember that before our new addition we rearrange the front entrance area and arranged the chairs facing the work area doors. We can sit almost 100 this way so we will continue to business as usual. Big events we will rotate through the county. It should be an interesting couple of years.

Wednesday was our last board meeting for the year. Agendas should be posted in the post offices. Meetings are open to the public so plan to visit next year.

REMEMBER we will be open during December. Vonda Boughan, our METS worker will be here to open the museum. So plan to entertain out of town visitors with a visit to the museum.


With the seasons changing and cattle and crops are sold, the following suggestion from the Oct 31, 1918 limelight seems appropriate.
"Nearly everyone at any age crave a rest from their labors- a change of any kind is good for them. The man who pours over books the day through as well as well as the man who holds the reigns behind a pair of big blacks attached to a drill need a change the same as the school boy who is juggling with the intricate problems of mathematics, Latin or geometry. Then why not an aggregation of us old rubes line up a suitable place for both the old and the young to spend a winter evening occasionally."

Two thoughts: one, I am going to look up the term "rubes" and second our bingo night and museum receptions meet the criteria for a suitable place for all ages to visit.

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