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January 29, 2012

by Virginia Scott


Again, for the readers who notice typos. I apologize for my error last week. Sometimes my fingers type a word that sounds like but it not the word. Last week's column I thought "our" and typed "are" and spell check is not smart enough to check it. Sorry.

We had a busy week trying to finish the year and start the new one. We are busy gathering statistics for the annual reports. Preparing for the first meeting of year. We have two new board members, Irene Gensman and Judy Ward will be joining the board and we are excited to have them. We still have some openings so If you have an interest in our heritage and history, come join us.

The student art show continues to grow with new additions arriving. The art is again colorful, creative, and always fun. It seems snowmen and winter scenes were a popular topic with the students this year. While the weather is nice come to the museum and visit the exhibit. You won't be disappointed.

We still need assistance with our project on the early sports teams in the county. Any information will be welcomed.


The recent Civil War 150th year recognition made me curious on the veterans of that war buried in our cemeteries. LaVaun Kraft reviewed our cemetery book and we have seventeen civil war veterans in our cemeteries. Only one confederate, George William Reynolds, confederate infantry in the Viewpoint cemetery. James Latham in the Booker cemetery was in the Texas Cavalry. We need his birth and death dates. Lipscomb has six veterans and Fairmont has six and one from the Indian wars of 1776.

Since we were not organized during this period and Texas was a border state, it is common to see both sides of this conflict buried in our cemeteries. Most of the soldiers returning to their states of origins, Kansas and Virginia for example. We will attempt to research these soldiers and keep you updated on our findings.

Have a good week.

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