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October 11, 2020

by Virginia Scott


We are staying well and observing all the COVID 19 rules. We are open and if you are getting tired of your house come and see us. We are staying busy using this time to review our collection and preparing for new shelving system.

We are staying up-to-date with other museums and organizations through our email and websites. We have two public computers with printing capabilities if anyone needs to use them you are welcome to come see us.

We continue to receive items to add to our collection and this week's historical musing is from a little address book that belonged to Mrs. Frank (Laura) Ewing.


Last week we received some items that came from a 'barn' where the Frank Ewings lived many years ago. Among the treasures were two little address books, one belonged to Laura (Mrs. Frank Ewing) and one to her sister Mittie (Mrs. Jeff Wilson) . Both had recorded identical information and it said that "PaPa (Tom Word) and Coz Charlie Word started the Box T Ranch in Lipscomb County in 1870, moved to Indian Territory in 1882 and sold the box T to the Canadian Syndicate in 1885."
All previous information we had said that the Box T started in 1872. What a joy it was to find information like this in someone's own handwriting in little 2x4 inch booklets that had laid in a box for many years before someone rescued them. And they brought them to us to preserve for future researchers.
Thanks Lovella for writing this historical musings for me.
It is examples and occurrences like this is why I write "use us as your trash can and we will filter out the good and dispose of the rest."

Have a good and safe week.

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