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March 7, 2010

by Virginia Scott


Last week was a busy one with Georgia and I in Borger on Tuesday. The Workshop was very informative with a review of the process for recording our collection. We now will start taking photos of each of our items to place in the file. This should be fun and we can also post of our more interesting items on our website for those you like to take virtual tours.

The March exhibit was installed on Tuesday and it is a beautiful exhibit of bejeweled bras designed by breast survivors or someone close to a woman who died of breast cancer. Each bra tells its own story. The exhibit is beautiful and very educational. We will have an open house for the exhibit on Sunday, March 21st, 2pm to 4pm. Come and bring someone with you to enjoy this great exhibit. It will only be until April 1st.

This is the last month for submitting your stories so get them in. We will ship our first 50 to the publisher this week and it is looking good. Call us with any questions.


This month (March) and April are the months that our wildflowers will start blooming especially down south with ours coming into bloom April and May depending on when winter decides to leave. The Texas legislature proclaimed the bluebonnet the state flower on March 7, 1901. The bluebonnet was considered a gift from the Great Spirit to some Indian tribes. In the 1930's the state began a highway-beautification program that included scattering bluebonnet seed beside roadways. Lady Bird Johnson was able to get the Texas legislature to create a highway beautification program when her husband was a congressman then Senator. This program expanded the wildflower program and added the fencing of junkyards and other sites that were considered unsightly. In 1982, the Lady Bird Johnson wildflower center for research and education of Texas Wildflowers and native plants was opened in Austin. This center develops seeds that can be grown all over the state. Wildflowers now grow all over our state including our area. Our Indian blankets and yucca provide beautiful landscapes. The bluebonnet is slowing moving our way. The snow and the rain we are receiving should get us a great gift of color soon.

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