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May 3, 2015

by Virginia Scott


A beautiful start to Spring with nice rains. I hope everyone got their share and more will come our way. We had a busy week with our Museum exhibits in the new addition and the initiation of our meeting hall for family functions. The Thiessen family held a birthday party for Floyd who celebrated his 80th birthday. Over 80 people attended and the good wishes and stories were plentiful. The family slide show reflected Floyd's eight decades.

The museum hall is available for community functions. The guidelines for scheduling is available upon request, call us at 806-852-2123.

The new exhibit area is slowing taking shape. They are working on the shelves and two weeks ago, Merle Miller, county commissioner and his crew, Precinct one helped us move our stored items from the school to the new area. We still have more items to move but we have a good start on getting everything in place. We want to thank the county employees for all their help. Terry and Norma Boughan have been our construction crew since day one. People are always asking us who does our exhibits and are amazed when we tell them, we do it all in-house.

As I am writing this column, they are delivering our windmill and putting it in place. We are just about complete with our major projects.


We received a wooden file cabinet from the courthouse and it was full of old receipts from the early 1900's. Interesting items like tax receipts and coupons for bonds. We also have a 1917 bill from the The Glazier Mill and Elevator Co. . E.C. Caughey, Manager. This letterhead read "Manufacturers of the Celebrated "Lilac" and "Texas Belle" flours and all kinds of feed and grain dealers." I will try to research these flours.

I am still amazed at the history we have yet to discover and explore. Next week, I will share the 1918 letter for World Relief Week.

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