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February 8, 2009

by Virginia Scott


The annual report is complete and we gave our summary to the Commissioner Court at their Monday meeting. This annual report is prepared each year to give you our supporters and the county citizens an accounting of our activities during the year. We report our number of visitors, website activity, financial stats, programs and publications/exhibits. Copies of the annual report are available for review at the museum and individual copies are available for the cost of copying and postage ($3.00). This year's visits were down for a total of 1395. This is probably due to the gas prices because our number for the spring and summer were down from previous years. Looking at the last 11 yrs 1998 through 2008 we have had a total of 17,872 visitors for average of 1625 visitors / year and an average of 135 visitors / month. For a small museum located as remotely as we are this is pretty good.

Board meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday, February 18 at 4 pm here at the museum. Agenda items include discussions for fundraisers , programs, and organizational plans for bylaws, committees etc. for the two organizational groups of Lipscomb County Historical Commission and the Museum. All interested historians, preservatists , and volunteers are invited to join us.

Dorothy and Ann have both called us to make sure we are staying out of trouble. From all reports we are, but after their calls, the wednesday group decided maybe we should try to think of something for them. As you read this on Thursday, it is Dorothy's birthday (if our records are correct). So Happy Birthday , hope you are having a big fish dinner and shrimp cake.

Mildred is home and regaining her strength and should be rejoining us soon! Glad you are home , Mildred


This Saturday is Valentine's Day and I hope all of you will send and receive a valentine from someone you care about. A review of the 1950's newspaper reveal that the Follett American Legion held a box supper and minstrel show on Valentine's Day in 1950. As a part of the evening events, a box suppers were auctioned off but were also judged for the prettiest boxes for a $5.00 prize. Boxes were grouped in two divisions : Junior division for eighth grade and below; senior division for high school and adults. The evening also planned for the selection of a Valentine Queen who would also serve as Miss Follett American Legion . There was not a followup article in the February issues that reported the results of the evening activities.

The crowning of Valentine King and Queens have been part of the American culture for many decades with schools, churches, and various community organizations having banquets to crown the groups selection. These were fun events and mainly served only the purpose of giving us an excuse to meet together as a community and celebrate our lives. A good tradition .
Celebrate this week .

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