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March 28, 2010

by Virginia Scott


THIS IS IT!!!! The last week that we will be taking stories. I know there is a lot of you out there working hard. Get those stories in NOW! You can email them to the museum at wolfcrk@amaonline.com and attach your photo also.

Needless to say we are busy,busy, busy cataloging all the stories and getting them ready to ship to the purchaser. We are also finishing updates on the county overall. Because of the book project we will not have an exhibit in April. We will spend April finishing the book project, spring cleaning the exhibit area and taking a breather. The museum will be open as usual so come on by and enjoy the permanent exhibits. If you have not visited the Art for the Ruins then this is the time to come and spend the afternoon enjoying the stories of May and Davy.


Today is April Fools Day and I am sure someone has tried to play a April Fools Day joke on you or someone you know. It originated in 1562 when Pope Gregory introduced a new calendar year changing the first day of the year from April first to January first. Some people who hadn't heard or didn't believe the change and continued to celebrate New Year's Day on April first. People began to play tricks on them and called them April fools and sent them on fool's errands. April fools jokes are innocent pranks and met to be fun.

In this tradition, the students at the Follett High School publish an April Fools day issue of the Panther. I mistakenly took the issue of April 1, 1942 as a real issue last year and wrote about the boxing team on a trip that never was.

In 2001, the students entitled their issue the THE JOKER and included articles about the superintendent running for president, Merle Breon going to the Olympics, and Paul Krienke winning the Marble Tourney in Locust Grove. The newspaper staff was prune Face, Mumbles, Rock Bottom, Jack the Ripper, Mac the Knife, B.O. Plenty, and Itchy.

Mark Twain stated that "The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year".

Sunday is Easter so this week will be filled with religious observations celebrating the resurrection of Christ. The Easter Bunny will also arrive and hopefully there will be many Easter egg hunts weather permitting. All of these days of celebration brings in the Spring season. Have a great week and celebrate life and all its blessings.

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