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June 21, 2020

by Virginia Scott


A productive week, the consultant came and we decided on a plan to put new shelving in our archive room. He will submit a proposal to us and if the volunteers agree we will submit to the board for approval. The new shelving is needed to provide more space and to make the storage more safe for us to work with.

The geocachers are starting to venture out. We had three different cachers leave us messages about their visits. The geocache program is designed so that we bring visitors to our sites that they would not otherwise visit. Most of our comments state that we are a nice place to visit and if not for the cache they would not have found us.

The other type of visitor that we receive are the ones that are visiting all 254 county seats. Now that is a challenge.


One of the original businesses in Lipscomb was the 7K Korral. A cafe built by Jacquita Turner on Highway 305. In the beginning F.J. and Vonda Boughan ran the business. They sold feed, beer and wine, quick stop items, gas and had a cafe. It was a big success. The end of 1983 the Boughans left the 7K, Jacquita ran the 7K until 1985 when she sold the business to Marvin and Darlene Born from Follett. They ran it for two years then sold it to Kellie Koch who had started working there in 1984. Kellie ran it until the end of 1993. Kate Webb was the main cook and was also known for her wonderful pies. The 7K Korral has changed owners, its name and the inside rearranged many times since 1994. It is presently a private home.

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