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November 6, 2011

by Virginia Scott

MUSEUM NOTES and Historical Musings

I am combining my sections this week because we have received another story about the Doodlebug and a great photograph.

I am pleased to inform you that our Doodlebug wall is full. Phillis Gibbs Ballew has sent us a Photograph of "our" Doodlebug in its current home in California at Travel Town Museum in Los Angeles, California. She also researched it and provided us with its specifics: Built in 1899 by Baldwin, wheel arrangement: 2-8-0, weight: 70 tons, Length: 67' 4" Driver, Diameter: 57" Donated to museum in 1953 by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway.

The Doodlebug ran from Shattuck to Spearman (we have been told it went to Etter before turning around) from the 1940' s thru 1950' s . It cut through the Ballew west pasture and the Ballew sisters and the conductor became friends.

Phillis tells us that she has great memories of the doodlebug and its conductor. She states that "My sister and I would put crossed pins on the track for it to run over and make it into 'scissors' and, of course, we always waved at the conductor. And sometimes he would slow down and pick us up and take us a very short distance where we'd hop down and go back through the pasture to home. I'm sure he would probably be in trouble for this now. During the hard times quite a few tramps would come up from the tracks across our patch of sowed feed to the west and ask for food. Mom would usually sit them down at our little doll table in the backyard and give them a meal. That doodle bug was almost like family to us. "

A great memory. Please send in your stories. We have a blank board in our media exhibit area and I will start a Doodle bug Memories so send us your story.

We continue our cleaning and made good progress this week. We can actually walk in the back of the work room.

As you read this on Thursday, REMEMBER THAT TOMORROW IS VETERANS DAY AND ATTEND THE MULTIPLE SCHOOL PROGRAMS TO SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL CHILDREN AND TO HONOR OUR VETERANS. I hope everyone voted on Tuesday which is another way to honor our Veterans who have fought and some given the ultimate gift to preserve our right to vote and many other freedoms in this country.

We are blessed.

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