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April 14, 2013

by Virginia Scott


We had a great crowd and wonderful speakers at our Tea Sunday. Everyone enjoyed drinking tea or coffee from a beautiful china cup with a saucer. We all felt pampered. Sitting at a table with a tablecloth with our tea and cookies (no crumpets served) We listened to two authors introduce their books to us. First was Darlene Shortridge from Oklahoma City. She introduced her Contemporary Christian Novels. She also shared with the audience her experience of being a Northerner from Minnesota moving to the Panhandle.

Second was Karla K. Morton, the 2010 Texas Poet Laureate who introduces use to her poetry. The poems she read were about our region and experiences we all could relate to. She also shared with the audience her experiences as poet laureate and as a cancer survivor. We also learned about the role and position of Texas Poet Laureate.

After the presentation, each sold and signed their books with more refreshments and great conversations.

We were especially thrilled to see our museum volunteer, Fern McGee in attendance.

I am on the road again this week to Lubbock for my last round of organizational meeting until June. This round is the Northwest Texas Museum Association, the Quanah Parker project, and Texas Plains Trail. Stay tuned for what's happening in the region.

This is the last two weeks to view the sports uniforms and memorabilia from Lipscomb County. We will be getting ready for new exhibit for May/June.


One of the sessions at the Wichita Falls meeting was the restoration project of the 1936 Centennial Markers. The Friends of the Texas Historical Commission is raising $150,000 to fund the cost to repair and to establish an endowment for the long term care of the markers. The first step is to identify and locate all the markers. If you know of one of the markers in our county or adjoining ones, please send me its location so I send it to State.

I also pick up a great book entitled "Texas Women, a Celebration of History" published in 1981 by the Texas Foundation for Women's Resources. The chapter heading are as follows : We fly, We build, We love children, We act, We enrich, We work, We survive, We serve. This makes a great motto for all of us.

Have a great week and I will talk to you next week.

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