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May 13, 2012

by Virginia Scott


Wednesday was interesting. We had a core working on various projects and one of our museum experts/teacher dropped in for a visit. Brian Crockett, a museum teacher, consultant and one of our original mentor/teacher came by on his way to Oklahoma. He was given the grant tour by Georgia and joined us for lunch. We had a great visit and Brian brought us up to date on the museum world. A great work day.

I will be journeying to Lubbock on Monday afternoon to attend a workshop by Texas Historical Commission on Tuesday. So this week will be a busy one.

Remember to come in and see Mike Wienette's painted turkey feather art. Each feather tells a different story.

If you haven't sent in your membership, please do so now. The membership gives us our operating funds to provide our day to day operation, exhibits, programs, and special events.


In 1937, Life magazine featured Mary Lucy Kyle Hartson was the only woman mayor in Texas. The 72-year-old great-grandmother was elected mayor of Kyle by a write-in vote. From 1937-1941 and 1944-1946 she held office. Along with the all woman city council elected in 1944, she made "Ripley's Believe It or Not." During Mrs. Hartson's mayoralty, the town built a municipal water system, installed street lights, updated the fire department, and kept the city clean. Of her administration she said, "We balanced the budget, and cleaned up the town. Then when everything was under control, I retired."

One of the women who paved the way for women in politics today.

May is Preservation Month, so preserve something in your home related to your family history, something in your community, church, school, etc. The girl scouts are burying a time capsule to be left for 20 years before uncovering it.

Enjoy your week.

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