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May 10, 2015

by Virginia Scott


Progress continues with our exhibit development. First the art exhibit for May/June is Wayne Paul's Spurs. The exhibit entitled "Spur of the Moment" is the name of Wayne's company and the spurs on exhibit consist of spurs for sale and Wayne and Kathyrn's private collection which are not for sale. This is a unique collection and is one of the best collection of Western art and craftsmanship you will experience. Please plan to come by and see the exhibit. The date for Wayne's reception will be announced soon.

The new exhibit hall continues to take form. New shelving is now in place and photographs are being placed. The shelving is historic in itself in that it came from the drugstore in Follett.

Our community is saddening this week with the death of Clara Kraft, the mother of Merle Kraft. She will be missed.


As I mentioned last week, we are discovering information about our county's activities from the paper left in the wooden cabinet we received from the courthouse. We found a letter dated November 25, 1918 from the United State Food Administration with the subject: World Relief Week Hoover Message. The letter asks that the enclosed "Hoover Conservation Message" be circulated to every fraternal, labor or patriotic meeting in the community during the week of December 2-7, 1918.

The message is entitled "Food Will Win the World". His message was four paragraphs and requests the nation to assist in feeding the world. "The change in the foreign situation necessarily alters the details of our food program, because the freeing of the seas from the submarine menace renders accessible the wheat supplies of India, Australia and the Argentine....In addition to the supplying of those to whom we are already pledged, we now have the splendid opportunity and obligation of meeting the needs of those millions of people in the hitherto occupied territories who are facing starvation. The people of Belgium, Northern France, Servia, Roumania, Montenegro, Poland, Russia and Armenia rely upon America for immediate aid. "

This will be a historical geography lesson for you. Find the current name for the countries listed above because the countries have changed. Have a good week.

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