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March 24, 2013

by Virginia Scott


March is almost over and April is bringing our first program of the year. On Sunday, April 14 we will host a tea and introduce two authors, Darlene Shortridge and Karla Morton. Darlene is from our region and will introduce her novels to us. Karla is the 2013 State of Texas Poet and is touring the state . Both promise to be interesting and entertaining so plan to attend. Remember to bring your favorite tea cup if you desire.

We are busy trying to put out membership renewal letters and looking for grants to finish off our building expansion budget. We are not bored or lacking for things to do.


THC (Texas Historical Commission) has a new awards program to recognize historic businesses. The award is called the Texas Treasure Business Award. Dorothy is collecting the names of our local businesses who would qualify. Businesses fifty years or older are qualified. Let us know and we will submit the necessary paperwork to get you recognized.

This weeks snow, wind, and low temperatures along with spring like days and temperatures remind us that spring does not always come when the equinox calendar says. Our area has had numerous snow storms and blizzards in March and April. In his column the "Prairie Dog", J.L. Dixon recalled the snow of 1938 when it snowed for three days and was reported the worst storm since 1919 when thousands of cattle were lost. In the snow storm of 1938, the roads were blocked and the snow drifted bad due to a 50-mile an hour wind. Barns were drifted full of snow and house attics were filled with snow requiring people to take brooms, buckets, and baskets to shovel the snow out before it melted or caused their ceiling to fall.

The snow drifted so bad that the cattle could walk right over the fences. the cattle drifted with the storm and the ranchers were quite awhile getting their cattle back home. They knew which way to look because the cattle all went to the south. He remembered that when the snow was over. there was a drift from the top of the Higgins hotel to the ground. You could have walked off the roof onto the drift. However, he did not report anyone trying this.

This is one of many storms we have had in March and April so be patience Spring will come eventually.

Thought for the week: Today is the oldest you've ever been, yet the youngest you'll ever be, so enjoy this day while it lasts.

The Sports exhibit is ready and has a lot of history on display. Uniforms, trophies and articles tell the story of our schools, students, and towns and our pride in our sportsmanship. You will enjoy visiting the exhibit and reliving some of the sports events.

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