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June 16, 2019

by Virginia Scott


I hope everyone observed Father's Day and recognizing the important role they play in our families and community. The musings this week tells the story behind the day. It was a difficult feat by a determined daughter to honor her father and to have it become a national holiday.
It is still quiet at the museum with our usual routines and a nice flow of visitors.
We will host a bingo night this Saturday and our board is scheduled to meet on July 17, 2019.
The quarterly meeting of the Texas Plains Trail will be meeting on Thursday so I will be traveling to Big Springs to represent our area. Will report back next week.


Father's Day was promoted by Sonora Smart Dodd who was raised by her dad in Chicago. A bill to accord national recognition of the holiday was introduced in Congress in 1913. Congress resisted fearing that it would become commercialized. President Calvin Coolidge recommended in 1924 that the day be observed, but stopped short of issuing a national proclamation. In 1957, Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith wrote a proposal acing Congress of ignoring fathers for 40 years while honoring mothers, thus singling out just one of our two parents. In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers, designating the third Sunday in June as Father's Day. Six years later, the day was made a permanent national holiday when President Richard Nixon sighed it into law in 1972.

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