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June 23, 2013

by Virginia Scott


Our internet connection problem is solved. Our new AMA Techtel technician came out and moved our equipment so that our trees weren't in the way. Every time the wind blew we lost connection with our satellite. I have probably used the wrong terminology but our connection is now updated and fixed. Thanks to our computer support company.

We were surprised Wednesday with a visit from Channel 7 profiling Lipscomb for their weekly feature of Panhandle towns. I hope some of you saw it on Thursday night 10pm news that was after the basketball game so it was around 11 pm. I fell asleep so didn't see it.

We are getting ready for our book signing and reception for June 30th at 2pm for Elaine Littau and Richard Whittenburg. Elaine will be featuring her latest books and Richard has his cowboy and nature photographs on display. Please plan to join us.

Dorothy is still working on 50 year business so they can be recognize by the Texas Historical Commission. She is also busy with cemetery markers with LaVaun.

We are busy as usual and enjoying the summer traffic. Business is good.



Someone with a bit of humor wrote these lines "I sure do like this county, I think it's awful good where the wind pumps the water and the cows chop the wood.

Martha Wheatley wrote in the The Kiowa Valley Independent on June 4, 1963: I remember the outfit that they rigged up in which to gather it (Prairie Coal), a big box with runners like a sled attached, drawn by "Old Bess" with Alex handling the reins, out into the pasture they would go to a place where they were plentiful. Rodney was usually along and sometimes, Irene, small though she was tagged along and contributed a chip now and then. In a very little time, they would fill the box. The cow chips, after so long, became dry and light. they burn very well, but on the ashes we had to carry out.

This was the good ole days.

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