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October 4, 2020

by Virginia Scott


My how life can change so quickly. All our lives have changed due to the CoVid 19 occurrence. We all are having to learn new habits and give up our friendly panhandle greetings. Instead of hugs and handshakes we are greeting each other through masks and maybe elbow bumps. At our front door we now have masks, hand sanitizers, and instructions to stay at 6 ft. distances. We hope everyone is doing their part and from all reports Lipscomb County is staying pretty healthy.

The museum is open and we will greet you safely and assist you like always. We are preparing for the installation of new shelving in our archive room which should keep us busy all for the rest of the year. We will keep you posted on our progress.

Stay safe


Here is an Alberdine Wilhite poem which is appropriate for this time of year:


Bouncing over the prairie
Gamboling far and wide,
The southwest wind comes, bringing
Spring to the countryside.

It races along with the tumbleweed
Spins the windmill around.
The dust devils rise churning,
Disturbing and drying the ground.

The wind can cause a sultry day,
Working clouds into a fury,
Then animals, birds, and man-kind
Seek refuge in a hurry!

It goes North for the winter.
But does not tarry long,
Great white drifts are dumped
On the prairie,
... Suddenly... the wind is gone!

Have a good and safe week.

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