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June 8, 2014

by Virginia Scott


The progress on getting the museum settled into our new space has been going well. We have several benefactors who have come forward with very generous offers that will assist in the conference rooms and will allow the museum to have space that will provide us and the county with great meeting space. One of our grants will provide us with media equipment for presentations and programs. We will also be installing the Walker system for displaying art in this area.

Stay tuned for additional information on the exhibit area. The parking lot area is also being planned so every day brings more progress.

Our membership drive is also progressing well. If you need information for a membership, please call us at 806-852-2123.

Our gift shop is now a shop for all sorts of items. Ann and the ladies have transformed the area into a shop full of great jewelry, figurines, T-shirts, and our books. Please drop by to see all the updates present and in progress.


June 14th is flag day. It is this day in 1777, the Continental congress proposed that the United States have a national flag instead of the British Union Jack. The 13 stars of the flag represented the 13 new states. There were few public ceremonies honoring the Stars and Stripes until 1877, when on, June 14, it was flown from every government building, in honor of the centennial of the adoption of a national flag. The first official flag Day was observed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1893. In august 1949, President Harry S. Truman proclaimed June 14th as Flag Day. Since then the President proclaims the commemoration yearly, and encourages all American in the country to display the Stars and stripes outside their homes and businesses. Individual states determine how they will observe the day.

I hope each of you will celebrate our great nation by displaying a flag this Saturday.

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