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July 17, 2016

by Virginia Scott


Carol Gifford has brought her beautiful quilts for her exhibits. They are something to behold. There are thirty of them and each tells a different story or strikes a different color palate. The exhibit fills our art room and the big meeting room and every corner in these spaces. If you like and appreciate quilting you must come and see this exhibit. Her reception will be on Sunday, August 7 at 2 pm here at the museum. Look for posters next week.

We enjoyed celebrating Georgia's birthday on Wednesday with pizza and Kellie's pies. We even managed to get some work done.

We are still hard at work on our accessioning records and adding objects to the collection and eliminating items that are duplicates or deteriorated. We also have to rotate items from exhibits to the archives due to the exposure to light even with our special lighting. We have a special instrument that measures temperature, humidity, etc. so that we state within recommended ranges for the artifacts. This is why we wear jackets and you take a deep breathe when you enter the museum. However this week it feels pretty good.

I will be traveling to Childress on Wednesday to attend the annual Roundup of the Plains Trail. It promises to be a good meeting with educational presentations and good meetings with fellow museum and history people.


In history this week, Mrs. Elizabeth Cody Stanton, held the first Women's Right Convention and publishes the Declaration of Sentiments declaring women's equality. We have a copy of this declaration in our multiplex if interested.

In 1984 Geraldine Ferraro, congresswoman from New York is nominated to run for vice president of the United States on Democratic Party ticket, the first woman to be so nominated by a major party.

In 1881 Chief Sitting Bull of the Sioux returns from exile in Canada to give himself up to U.S. authorities. handing his rifle to his son, the conqueror of General Custer declares, "I wish it to be remembered that I was the man of my tribe to surrender my rifle."

Have a good week and pray for peace and harmony in our country and the world.

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