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March 22, 2009

by Virginia Scott


Georgia and I are back from the desert. El Paso was great and the mountains are beautiful. We were greatly impressed with the cooperation between the El Paso community and the Juarez community. The mayor spoke to our group shortly after appearing on the national TV refusing the troups and the border. He reemphasized that the citizens on both sides of the border could peacefully solve the problem. We had in attendance at each session officials from Mexico . The city was one of safest and cleanest I have visited. As usual we learned alot of new ideas and strategies that will be helpful in the coming year.

Upon arrival home and going through our email, I learned that the historical commission will receive the THC distguished service award again for the third year in a roll. These awards are given out based on their annual reports. Only eighty county commission our of the 254 counties are receiving the awards so we are very proud and as citizens of the county you share this award for your support of our efforts.

March is almost over so stay tuned for April and our upcoming events. You may be aware that the Texas Legislature is in session. there is a house bill #2927 which is an effort to clarify which state agencies have jurisdiction over cemeteries, especially historic cemeteries, and to clarify legislative intenet about known and unknown burials throughout the state,as well as a more efficient reporting process for local governments and individuals that encounter such burials. A hearing was held on March 24th. You can read the text of the bill at www.legis.state.tx.us/BillLookup/Text.aspx?LegSess=81R&Bill=HB2927. you can also email Gerron Hite at the THC for questions at gerron.hite@thc.state.tx.us


Verle Woods , President of the Lipscomb County Historical Commission reported on an interview by Laura V. Hamner on Sept 23, 1940 with his grandfather Lon Woods in the 13 issue of the Lipscomb Heritage , summer, 1991. In the interview , Mr. Woods stated that the family left Harveryville, KS in spring of 1886. Lon was the oldest child of David clinton Woods. and was 15 years olf when the family moved to Kiowa Creek just east of what is now Darrouzett on Easter Sunday, April 25, 1886. Lon reported that his father was headed for Central Texas, but because his mother's health had begun to fail, the family stopped on the Kiowa. They built a dugout. Two of grandfather Lon's younger sisters died from typhoid and were buried near where the highway now lies. Lon also reported that trips to Dodge City, KS for supplies took 12 days. Lon and a friend Smith Ellis were batching in Ochiltree County taking care of several hundred head of steers. Apparently, one night a skunk got in their sod house and up on the bed. Thinking it was the old tomcat, Lon tried to pet the animal, only to be bitten by the skunk. With rabies being common in skunks, Lon was taken to a lady named Wooten, who had a madstone and insited that Mrs. Wooten place the madstone , after it had reached the right temperature, over the skunk bite. The madstone would not stick,and that was an encourging sign that rabies would not occur. Lon later stated that he had no faith in the madstone, but that if Mrs. Wooten had placed it on the skunk, it would have stuck there for sure. Verle has reconstructed the family dugout at its original site. On May 9th , Verle will host a fundraiser for the museum at his dugout. Look for our posters and make plans to buy your tickets for the event. The tickets will be $25 a piece with limit to 75 people. You can make your reservations by calling the museum or sending us your money. Tickets will be on sale the first of April. Verle will entertain us with more of his family stories. Other activities are being planned also.


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