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February 3, 2013

by Virginia Scott


The board for the Historical Commission and the Museum met on Tuesday. Ten of the thirteen members were in attendance and business for both the activities were conducted. The items for the commission primarily deal with county preservation activities i.e. cemeteries or county projects of a historical nature i.e. markers. The state has approved our marker for the Lipscomb School for 2013. Marker subjects have to be submitted a year in advance for topic approval. The state approves only a certain amount each year. Stay tuned for announcement of our the installation of this marker.

The Broad reviewed and approved goals for 2013. Goals are posted at the museum for review. I will keep you updated on our progress as we work on each activities.

Again, I urge any of you who like history, artifacts, research, restoration etc. to come and join us. You set your own hours and projects within the goals of the commission.


Here is another Will Rogers and Frank Ewing story for the Higgins News, May 27, 1965 by the Prairie Dog: "Winter passed Spring came along and Mr. Ewing had four hundred head of cattle to be driven to medicine Lodge for the cattle to fatten up and be ready for the Kansas City market in the fall. Frank was only 19 years old, but Mr. Ewing had a lot of confidence in him and put him in charge of moving the cattle to the Kansas pasture. Frank set to work and quickly got his chuck wagon and horses ready. he had seven cowhands besides himself, Will Rogers, a cook and two boys to wrangle the horses.

The herd was gathered at Mr. Ewing's northwest camp on camp creek, about 4 miles to the northwest of Higgins. This herd was started on a morning in early May. The herd made a pretty sight as it wound up and down the rolling slopes and across the plains country on the way to Kansas. Two men on this trail drive brought out some of the incidents that often happened on trail drives. One, Dub Porter, a young cowboy Frank hired in Higgins and he turned out to be a sleepy head and was always late to go out and take his turn at standing watch on the cattle during the night.

This Dub or Dude Porter was supposed to relieve Will Rogers at midnight. The men stood guard 3 hours to the shift. Will would wake the Dude up at 12 and he would just turn over and go back to sleep. This would make Will mad, so Frank Ewing suggested that Will put his rope around the Dudes ankles and drag him around long enough to get him wide awake. Will did this and drug the sleepy headed Dude about 100 yards. Later Will made the remark that he though he had heard someone laughing, and Frank admitted that he had stayed awake to see the show. They never had any trouble waking Dude Porter up for his turn at standing guard from that day on."

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