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February 14, 2010

by Virginia Scott


The Darrouzett students ignored the cold on Wednesday and journeyed to the museum to enjoy their art work. There was two groups and they had fun exploring the museum to see how the art was displayed and to see what was new in our regular exhibits. It is always fun to watch and listen to children's reactions to the art , discussing history, and their ideas.

Higgins came on Thursday and had a great time. They included an exploration of the Shepherd's wagon with their visit. They were interested in how the wagon was equipped for eating, sleeping , cooking, and visiting. To think the first RV was pulled by mules, oxen, and horses.

The stories are starting to come in and we are busy typing and cataloging. Be sure you get your story in for the book. Look at it like the 2010 Census, we want a good record of Lipscomb County in 2010. Every household get your story in . The length is a page double spaced , not long at all. 400 words, easy. Make sure someone is preparing the story of your churches and schools. We have received only two churches and no schools as yet. Deadline is April 1st so get cooking.


Since this is President's day, I thought a historical tidbit pertaining to our government would be appropriate. On February 15, 1876, Texas adopted the Texas Constitution of 1876. It was the sixth constitution Texas has been governed since declaring independence from Mexico. The constitution of 1876 (one of the longest) reflects the influences of Spanish and Mexican rule,and was author's purpose was to undo the measures implemented during reconstruction. Despite having been amended more than 230 times, it remains the basic law of Texas today.

Weather tidbit to warm you. On Feb. 12 , 1899, Tulia reported the coldest temperature ever recorded in Texas- minus 23 degrees Fahrenheit. This was pat of the "Big Freeze,", an norther that killed 40.000 cattle across the state overnight. This temperature was matched in Seminole in 1933. Our 17 degrees of this week sounds warm .

In Lipscomb in the February 10,1888 issue of the Panhandle Interstate , the editors reported a visit by Deputy U.S. Marshal Stilwell and chief of police at the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, Indian Territory. They were accompanied by Charles Brelsford of KH Ranch. The purpose of the visit was to inform the town that the Cherokee Strip would most likely to open to white settlement in the near future.

He reported that the most of the Chickasaws , Cheyennes and Arapahoes have agreed to open their lands to the white man. The paper stated that "He (Stillwell) seemed well pleased with both our town and country, and predicts that the next twelve or sixteen months will witness the greatest rush of immigration to Northwest Texas that was ever known in the west."

The first Oklahoma Land Rush occurred approximately 16 months later on May 18, 1889.

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