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March 29, 2015

by Virginia Scott


I believe Spring is almost here but won't be sure until we are way into April and our wild plants start blooming. This weekend was beautiful except for the wind. It is beautiful weather to get out and visit our county and its surrounding neighbors. We have received the new Travelhost magazine visitor and museum guide for 2015 and we have a great ad and identification on the museum as well as our fundraiser described in the events section. On your next visit come in and get a copy. The magazine is distributed to the motel/hotels in the top 52 counties as well as the tourist centers. Our ad is also in their regular issues which is published four times a year.
The budget committee met on Wednesday and planned our budget for coming year. The comment was made that it was the first time they could remember the museum being in such good financial condition. We credit this to all of you who have supported our efforts and our programs. We thank you again.

Mark your calendars for April 12 for the reception for Jo Le Ginter. This will be our first official reception in our new area and we are looking forward to initiating it. Please plan to join us and look for the posters announcing the reception. If you don't see one in your area call and we will send you one to post.


I always like to give the history of our holidays when the holidays falls within the week of our column and will be read before the Holiday. This week is Easter week with March 29- Palm Sunday, April 2- Maundy (Holymuch) Thursday, April 3 - Good Friday, April 5 Easter Sunday for Western Christianity- Roman Catholics, Anglican Communion, Protestant churches.

In Western Christianity, Easter is always celebrated on the Sunday immediately following the Paschal Full Moon. Originally, it was celebrated on the Sunday immediately following the first full moon after the vernal(spring) equinox. The date is calculated each year. Why? The earliest believers in the church of Asia Manor wished to keep the observance of Easter in correlation to the Jewish Passover. Because the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ happened after the Passover, they wanted Easter to always be celebrated subsequent to the Passover. And, since the Jewish holiday calendar is based on solar and lunar cycles, each feast day is movable, with dates shifting from year to year. This is the simple answer. The long answer is too much for this column.
Have a great Easter and I hope the Easter Bunny visits you all.

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