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May 4, 2014

by Virginia Scott

Thanks to all of you renewing members for sending in your dues. It is thrilling to see all of you continuing your support of our efforts. The new addition is continuing to progress. The last building step is completed with the sealing of the cement floor. We are keeping all the doors open because the sealer has a very strong smell, hopefully, it will dissipate soon.

We need the following items for our new exhibits : Benches that were used to hold Wash Tubs, cream cans, or kids. A cabinet or shelf unit to store cabbage slicer, sausage stuffer or butter churns in the wash house. We will accept these items as a loan or gift. Call the museum at 806-852-2123 for more information. Thanks

Dorothy is planning the dedication for the Lipscomb School Historical Marker, stay tuned for Date and Time.


Thursday (today if you receive your newspaper on Thursday) is National Day of Prayer. This day was created by Congress in 1952 as a day for Americans to put differences aside, come together, and pray.

Prayer has been a common chord in our nation's history, dating back to the Continental congress in 1775 where our Founding Fathers asked the colonies to pray for wisdom as they shaped our founding principles. In John Hancock's words, people of all denominations should "set apart a day of public humiliation, fasting, and prayer" From the beginning, America has been grounded in prayer, and we must remain rooted in it, particularly at this time when our country is increasingly divided. U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry provided this history in his newsletter and he encourages us all to pray for our troops' continued safety and strength for their loved ones serving here at home. Pray for our leaders as they make decisions that impact the future and direction of our country ..
Pray for our nation to stand further united now and in years to come.

We will rejoin Arch McCarty in Alaska next week.

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