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June 21, 2015

by Virginia Scott

Sunday was a busy and full day at the museum. We had the artist reception for Wayne Paul and a book signing and reading for Carl Williamson with over a 100 people in attendance. Our Mission Statement states that we are to conduct "educational... activities in relation to the preservation of county history" and These two men practice this in their respective endeavors. Wayne Paul's collection of spurs "Spur of the Moment" is a beautiful tribute to the wonderful history of cowboys and their impact on our country. If you haven't seen the exhibit, you have Friday, Monday and Tuesday to come by and view his work.

The book reading by Carl Williamson was well received. His book, Caprock Country- Last Frontier of Texas, traces the history and evolution of the Northeast Panhandle. A copy of the book is available for reading in our reference room. It will be a nice addition to our collection and tells the history of many of our landmarks.
His presentation was our first opportunity to test our sound equipment and our meeting room. Overall, the room worked well with plenty of seating space and refreshment area. Visitors made many good comments about our new area. This feedback was welcomed and ensured us that we were on the right track with our new exhibits.


In his book, Mr. Williamson has a chapter on the Lipscomb Bison Quarry. This site was originally found by Commodore Hooper, a farmer living twelve miles southwest of Lipscomb in 1911. It was not explored until the 1930's when C. Bertram Schultz, an archeologist at the University of Nebraska and his team investigated the site and found enough evidence for a full archeological excavation which began in June, 1939. The discovery was a large bone bed of an extinct species of bison known by the name of Bison Antiquus, more commonly the giant longhorn bison. They also found numerous Folsom projectile points.
We have a bison skull found in Sand Creek by Jim and Lance Bussard. We also have documents of the University of Nebraska site visit to our area. These are available for review.

Carl's book gives us additional information on our history that allows us to provide further information to the public.

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