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August 2, 2020

by Virginia Scott


Summer is almost over and the coronavirus pandemic is still with us. Lipscomb county is still safe with few cases but we are still observing all the rules. It will be interesting to see how the schools open and the students return to school or if they do distance learning.

We are still open and have all the precautiions in place. We clean our surfaces etc.

We have two new cookbooks in our gift shops from the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. They look interesting and full of good recipes.


The following is a poem from the limelight, 1913: Some household chores remain the same but with different tools.

"Says Old Man Long"

Says old man long, says he to me
I'm a gittin so I hate ter be
Routed out to help with the weekly wash
Every Monday mornin', I am B'Gosh;
For I jest hate the smell of dirty duds
And yaller soap and bilin suds
Then runnin' a wringer don't seem to me
A very fascinatin' sport, by Gee
Sairy Ann she thinks its such a foke
If she c'n beat all the neighbor
A hangin' her wash out on the line;
An' we generally does it every time
By puttin' the clothes to soak a Sunday night,
With a little rubbin' to start 'em right.
But o'course we really don't begin a washin' Sunday, 'cause it's a sin
For folks to work on the Sabbath day,
And we are always strict that way.
It is signed:
Well Clay

Have a good and safe week.

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