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August 7, 2016

by Virginia Scott


I hope you missed the column last week. My husband and I took a impromptu vacation and visited Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, and Arkansas. The weather was great. I am still proud that our museum is one of the best I have visited. Didn, t get hot until we came home. Dorothy was also off with a lot of company coming and going from her home.

The museum continued to be busy with Lovella and Georgia in charge. The reception for Carol Gifford was held on Sunday, the seventh and well attended in spite of the heat. The museum is always cool and was welcoming when people arrived for our reception. If you haven, t seen Carol, s quilts, you need to visit. The quilts are truly works of art.

Our board met as scheduled on July 27th with twelve of the fourteen members present. Items of discussion were the Higgins project, Air purifier system for the museum, and the annual fund raiser. A discussion was also held on a new copier for the museum.

If you have items that can be used as door prizes for the museum fundraiser please contact us or bring them by the museum. stay tuned for additional updates.


In his January 6, 1966 column of the "Prairie Dog", Mr. Dixon told a story about Allen Hawkins, a geologist living in Higgins, and a prank he pulled on a group of old-timers that use to meet regularly at Perry Landers Service Station ( mid-1920s). Mr. Allen came into the station carrying a box under his arm and set it down on the floor. Someone asked him what was in the box. He said, "Naw, you fellows don't want to see what's in this box." Of course this caused them all to want to see. Finally after they all assured him that they wanted to what he had in the box, Allen jerked the lid off the box and out came a four foot rattlesnake. Domino players went in all directions, and the snake and Allen were all alone suddenly. Allen Hawkins was quite a man with snakes; so he put the snake back in the box and the men seen got back to their dominos.

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