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June 10, 2018

by Virginia Scott


A great weekend. Thanks to the vendors who participated in our garage sale and to everyone who came out and purchased items from each of the vendors. We had great customers and a lot of visiting and catching up with our neighbors. It was a good weekend. The museum was able to clean out our two storerooms at the museum alittle and will be able to organize our books, etc better. The garage sale raised money for individuals and the museum, assisted in cleaning our storerooms and storage lockers alittle and provided a venue for visiting with our neighbors. I would say we had a great weekend. A thanks to our newspapers and radio stations that announced our sale.

The museum staff will try to assist Georgia to finish her project of covering our donated chairs this summer. If you want to come assist, Georgia is here on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. She is a good teacher and will put you to work.

Our event is Saturday, June 23, at 6:30pm BINGO NIGHT. We have lots of prizes and it is always fun.


With the headline "He Made a Mistake", the limelight reported on June 13, 1918 the following:
"After the whipping and tarring and feathering of B.W. Maris at Hooker last Thursday night, Chas. Rose the Chairman of the Council of Defense of that town had armed himself for protection in case any of the slacker element should make an attack upon him and when his friend, D. P. Metcalf who wanted to see him on some business and drive to his residence in a car, Rose thought he was going to be attacked and fired a load of shot into Metcalf's legs inflicting slight wounds. When Rose found that he had shot his friend he expressed his regret for his action and is doing all in his power to relieve the painful injuries inflicted upon Mr. Metcalf."

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