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April 8, 2018

by Virginia Scott


Sunday afternoon provided wonderful quiet weather so we had a great crowd of close to 50 for our reception for Robert Mercer and Kathy Burrus. Ms. Burrus spoke about her daughter and her tragic death which led to the writing of her book, Lovely Traces of Hope. Mr. Mercer spoke of his photographer and the changing topography of the Panhandle and man's influence on the land that inspires him. As usual we enjoyed visiting with everyone and some newcomers to the museum enjoyed and amazed at our museum.

We are continuing with our projects and developing new ones. I will be traveling to San Angelo this week for the annual meeting of the West Texas Historical Association. I should have lots to report next week.


With our recent dry weather and wind, I found the following description of the weather in 1918: "Yesterday was another one of those breezy days-a dusty one almost an equal to some of those read about 'way back yonder' when the buffalo roamed the plains. Talking about dust, well it 'sure do hustle' us to get this down on paper without running the 'blower' over it in order to see the lines. A strong wind is accompanying the dust and to get a clear vision three blocks ahead at any one place in any direction would be doing fine."

It seems March has always been a windy month in our area. Even with the dirt, I will take the wind over the mugginess of the south. Have a good week.

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