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November 16, 2014

by Virginia Scott

This was to be the last week for the core team for the year but with the early Thanksgiving snow we did not meet on Wednesday. This will be our last column for 2014, we close prior to Thanksgiving and for the month of December to give our volunteers a break and time for the holidays. When we open in January, we hope to be ready for the finishing touches to our addition and to be able to complete our exhibits and start planning our calendar for 2015. Please send us an email if you are interested in exhibiting your paintings, photographs, or hobby or if you know anyone who wants an exhibit or the present a program.

We have a great new program room and want to have a full calendar of programs so school choirs, authors, etc. call us and book a date.

The weather has also postponed the installation of the Quanah Parker arrow at Spearman. Hopefully it will clear and they will be able to install before the end of the year. That will leave only one county without an arrow in our 52 county Texas Plains Trail.


I to thank those of you who bring us scrapbooks that various people have kept of newspaper clippings, family letters, etc. These books are full of local and national history. I offer you this one from Ethel Skaggs scrapbook of the story of the writing of the Christmas Carol "Silent Night"

The night before Christmas in 1818, the most beloved of Christmas carols, "Silent Night" had not yet been composed. But Christmas Day that year it was sung for the first time by happy children in an Austrian Village to the accompaniment of a guitar.

That Christmas Eve long ago a village priest sat reading the story of the Nativity when a peasant woman knocked at the door. In one of the humble homes in his parish a child had been born. He went to bless it and returned so filled with the Christmas story's meaning that he sat down to write what he felt. "Silent night Holy night All is calm, all is bright..." The lines kept turning into verses.

Soon there was a second knock at the door. It was his friend the village organist and schoolmaster with word that the church organ had broken down. It would have to be a simple hymn tomorrow if there was to be music- there was so little time to rehearse the children.

Right then the organist sat down and composed the music for "Silent Night". Next morning, with only a guitar to guide them, village children sang the song that has become the carol of the world."

Thanks, Ms. Skaggs for your scrapbook and memories. I hope all of you enjoy the holidays. Thanks for the generosity you have given the museum. The staff and board wish you the best of holidays and health in the new year. Looking forward to 2015 and new happenings and musings. Virginia

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