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March 13, 2016

by Virginia Scott


To celebrate and recognize Texas Independence Day, the museum sponsored an essay contest for the county schools. Students submitted their essays and a panel of three judges read them and awarded first -third prize to each school. Judge Willis Smith then went to each school awarded the prizes. The winners were:
Follett: Jonathan Camacho, Mollie Jones, Alex Buzzard; Booker: Sol Camacho, Omar Flores, Yahir DeLara; Higgins: Mattie King.
Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the schools for participating and educating the students about our history.

We have Maxine McWhorter's exhibit in place in the Art Gallery. The reception for the exhibit will be April 24 at 2 pm. There are also paintings from her family members. The exhibit again reveals the enormous talent that thrives in this county. Plan your calendar so you can come out and enjoy.

We also hung the art work for a children's book entitled "A Train Story" by Dolores Mosser. The book is also for sale. If you have children or grandchildren, please bring them to see this exhibit. It is a wonderful
children's exhibit.


In the "Prairie Dog" column, Mr. Dixon related a story about a Higgins old timer named Charlie Rynearson. Charlie loved to tell stories to children and one day a group of boys ask him if he ever had trouble with Indians. Charlie said yes but only when he crossed the river. The boys asked if the Indians ever caught him. "Charlie replied that they only caught him one time, when his fastest horse had his foot cut and he had to ride another horse across the River. This horse was unable to outrun the Indians, and they got him hemmed up in a box canyon and caught him. The boys wanted to know what the Indians had done to him. Charlie looked them right in the eyes and said, "Why they killed me, of course!". It is reported that the expression on those boys faces was quite a sight.
Are you retelling your adventures to the next generation for their amusement and amazement?

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