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March 27, 2016

by Virginia Scott


Easter was chilly and wet. It was wonderful to wake up on Easter morning and see snow. It didn't last long and I hope the Easter Bunny hid enough eggs for all the Lipscomb County kids for all ages and sizes. Lipscomb community had a dinner at the church and enough the day.

The museum is busy preparing for our exhibits. We will also host a reading of our featured artist, Dolores Mosser, on Wednesday, April 6 for the Higgins elementary kids. If you have a home schooler and want to attend please come.

Maxine Jones and her students art has been completed. The reception to honor her is scheduled for April 24th, Dolores will also be here to entertain the kids while the adults enjoy the art. It promises to be an enjoyable time.

If you are a reader, come by the museum and check out our dollar table. People are bringing in their books after they are finished reading and donating them to us. We have James Patterson, Glenn Beck, Harlan Corbin, Joan Medlicott, and Susan Wittig Albert, plus many more. A True book lover's bargain.

Our next board meeting is April 13, we will install new officers, and officially start a new year. Come join us.

This past weekend was Easter and in the United States, it is a four day celebration. Christians commemorate Good Friday as the day Jesus Christ died and Easter Sunday as the day that He was resurrected. We have many traditions to celebrate these events. Christians consider eggs to be ‘the seed of life' and so they are symbolic of the resurrection. No one knows why or how the dying of eggs or the egg rolls and hiding was started but we do know that Dolly Madison, the wife of the fourth American President, organized an egg roll in Washington, D.C. She invited the children of Washington to roll hard-boiled eggs down the hilly lawn of the new Capitol building. In 1880, the First Lady invited children to the White House for the Egg Roll because officials had complained that they were ruining the Capitol lawn. (there is always a spoil sport)

Today Easter Monday is the only day of the year when tourists are allowed to wander over the White House lawn. The wife of the President sponsors it for the children of the entire country. The egg rolling event is open to children twelve years old and under. Adults are only allowed if accompanied by a child.

Hope your week was a good one.

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