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March 13, 2011

by Virginia Scott


Well, I hope all of you changed your clocks on Saturday. I did not enjoy waking up in the dark and it always takes me a while getting use to the time change. It also takes time to change all the clocks at home, museum, car, church. Thank goodness the electronics, phones and computers, change themselves.

We are working on our photograph collection, sorting and beginning to put them is new archival boxes and notebooks we recently received from a Texas Historical Commission grant.

We have also been assisting the Texas Historical Commission and the Texas Council of the Arts keep their state budgets by communicating with our Senators and Representatives about the services these groups provide us. The Texas Historical Commission is especially valuable to the museum and our historical commission because of their museum, cemetery, marker, military history, and archeological programs. The expertise and resources are invaluable to rural museums. If you can, please contact your congressman and let them know how important these agencies and our educational resources are to the rural communities. We all know that budgets are tight but we don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water.

We are finalizing our calendar for 2011 so stay tuned.


In the April 10th, 1913 issue of the Lipscomb Lime Light, it was reported that the Texas Legislature was considering a state law regulating women's hat allowed in church. The law specified that women could not wear a hat that was more than two inches in height at church or other public gatherings. If found guilty, the offense was considered a misdemeanor and the woman could not buy a new hat for a period of three years and even then she would not be allowed to purchase a hat for more than $2. Our newspaper editor's comment : "The author of the law, of course, never happened up Lipscomb way for there isn't a four-year-old school girl but what's made "pa" dig about $6 or $10 for one of this season's style and blamed if we don't think they go past the two inch limit too." The article does not say the bill passed and from the photographs of the time, I do not believe it did.

In this same issue right next to the article is an ad from Thelma Sutton, Lipscomb announcing that all her hats were on sale. She stated that all hats must go and "in order to get them off my hands before the season is to far gone will offer any hat for Girls' or Ladies at Cost- now is your chance to get a good hat at a way down price."

Next week we will take a trip on the 'Rubber Neck Car Betsy'

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