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March 23, 2014


We had a good week with some visitors and we now have a vintage princess phone for our upcoming display thanks to Jeri Pundt. We also received 3 copies of the original edition of the 'Pioneers of the Prairie-Follett History' these are on sale in our gift shop. We also have used books given to us for sale at a $1.00 a copy so come see us and browse.

Plans are beginning for our new exhibit area and we have submitted grants for additional funds to complete our building fund. We still need furnishing for our research/meeting room. We will be bringing the model train home and putting it on permanent exhibit in the new space. So stay tuned for further ideas being planned and call us with any ideas you think will make our museum more interesting or fun.

In one of our emails this week, it reminded the public that when doing your spring cleaning think of your local charities, nonprofits, before throwing things away. This is true of books, family papers(birth certificates, marriage licenses), phone books, annuals,yearly reports or minutes from organizations, etc. These are archival materials useful in genealogy and historical research.


Since this is an election year and we are in the primary season, I found this historical view of politics in 1963 for your perusal. "All good republicans took the 'Cincinnati Gazette', likewise the Democrats the 'Cincinnati Enquirer'. Interest ran high especially the year of the presidential election. Many heated arguments, especially among school children, for and against, which ended when final returns came in. The difference of opinion came from 'faith of our Father, whichever he was, Democrat or Republican.' The Republicans were victorious for many years. Finally, the Democrats won an election and how they crow. In later years my enthusiasm waned, and I favored the best man winning regardless of Party.
by Virginia Scott

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