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June 17, 2018

by Virginia Scott


I hope everyone had a good weekend with their fathers and remembering your father. On Sunday, the Follett Methodist Church dedicated their State Marker with the dedication read by Dorothy Schoenhals. This is the second church marker that the Lipscomb County Historical committee has received approval from the state. The state is currently focusing on transportation history. We will continue our submissions when state allows.

The museum Wednesday work group is continuing to work on the archive room with Kellie Kjos being our auditor and ensuring that our computer files are correct.
Georgia is still recovering the meeting chairs with volunteers when available.

Our next event is this Saturday, June 23rd for Bingo night at 6:30 pm.


The following article appeared in the June 20, 1918 Limelight:
"the Bank of Lipscomb has the past week commenced putting on a new bunch of frills, just a little bit different than any of the old style "by the heep" and it is all in the shape of a new bookkeeping machine having been added to their already modern bank equipment. The system works fine as clock work. The customer comes in and makes a deposit, the clerk sets the pegs up turns the crank and there you are and at night the checks are charged up against it in the same easy manner and if the durned thing could grind out three square meals a day for a fellow while working the machine that would be just it and then some easy living."

We have some of the machines and the original Follett safe on display in our business section.

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