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January 23, 2011

by Virginia Scott


I'm not including a history note this week so that I can give our Board reports. According to state law, the county judge and commissioners court appoint a county historical commission every two years in odd years. At the meeting last week the membership of the present commission was reviewed and the judge will be contacting them to see if each want to serve again. The judge and commissioners court appoint three representatives from each of our five towns with the judge and director of museum to make a board and commission of seventeen. The present board membership is available by calling the museum or judge's office. If you would be interested in serving, please contact the judge's office.
The commission fulfills two functions : one is to fulfill the state requirements for county historical commissions in compliance with rules and goals of the Texas Historical Commission. The second is to function as the board of directors for the museum and to oversee the museum building. The commission reports directly to the judge and commission as needed and reports annually on commission activities.
The following goals were approved by the commission for 2011:
    Lipscomb County Historical Commission

    1. Plan a Heritage Day Celebration

    2. Develop a survey plan for Lipscomb County Historical Sites

    3. Develop an apprentice program for Lipscomb County Historical Commission

    Wolf Creek Heritage Museum

    1. Initiate Construction of new building (apply for building construction grants as needed)

    2. promote sales of new volume of county history and gift shop items

    3. review and revise, if needed, museum practices for the preservation of photographs
The commission reviewed the bylaws for the historical commission and the museum and approved with grammatical corrections.
The minutes and bylaws of the two commission are on file at the museum and open to public review.
Most of the student art is up so plan to come and enjoy the talents of our county students. As usual their projects are artistic, colorful, and enjoyable.
"Winter is not a season, it's an occupation". Sinclair Lewis. I know it is a job staying warm. Have a good week.

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