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County Flag
November 3, 2013

by Virginia Scott


The art room is full of history and art. We have the Quanah Parker and Cynthia Ann Parker photographic historical exhibit developed by the Texas Lake Trails. This exhibit tells the story of Cynthia Ann and Quanah with some photographs published for the first time. As you may remember the arrows that our Texas Plains Trail place through our regions represent places where the Comanche or Quanah frequented. The exhibit will be on displayed till the end of November.

We also have on exhibit the art work of Sage Kinsey. This is her first exhibit with us and her art will entertain you and brighten your day.

The new addition is progressing well and I am told that our steel will arrive soon. We still need donations to meet our budget so please turn in your memberships or send us a donation to complete this much needed project.


We have received a letter from a tenth grade student in Coppell, Texas requesting information about our county for a history project. What would you send her? We are faced with this dilemma more often lately and we try to send them a combination of the past and present. For instance we send them an article about the naming of Lipscomb and the history of Abner Lipscomb whom we are named in honor of. We also send them the story of our county flag. So here is a reminder to each of you about the origin of our flag.

The flag was designed by Ms. Verda Harper in 1976. She was the winning designer in a contest sponsored by the county commissioner's court for a flag design that exemplified the county heritage and lifestyle. The submitted designs were judged by a five member committee at the Texas Historical Commission in Austin. The flag was part of the County's Bicentennial Celebration. Ms. Harper explained her design as follows:

The Windmill shows the abundance of water in the county that supports the major industries: wheat and cattle.
The Colors show allegiance to Texas and the United States. Blue signifies sincerity and unity to the county. Red- Bravery and courage of the early pioneers and present day citizens. Gold- honor, loyalty, and prosperity. White- faith in god and the land. he flag continues to represent us and our way of life.

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