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January 22, 2012

by Virginia Scott

Due to schedule conflicts are Historical Commission and Museum Board meeting will be Held Monday, January 30 at 2:30 pm. Please join us.

We are working on annual reports, grants, and planning for 2012. Lovella has received new notebooks for the archive of county obituitaries and will begin the transferring of documents. When finished the collection will be easier for the museum staff to research requests for information.

LaVaun and I are taking computer online courses concerning our Past Perfect program. LaVaun is learning the collections portion and I am concentrating on the membership portion. It is time for us to send out renewals for 2012 so I will be cleaning up the lists. The funds from the membership drive provide our operating costs for the year. We hope to mail by mid- February.

Georgia has a request. WE want to develop an exhibit about Team Sports in Lipscomb County. To do this we need your assistance in sharing with us your memories, clippings, awards, pictures, and equipment and uniforms,etc. Lipscomb County had town teams as well as school teams so please share with us your memories. If school have trophies, annuals, etc. that you would like to share, we would be delighted. We have had a lot of Champions so lets celebrate them.


Did you know that Lipscomb County has a Sleepy Hollow? According to Perry Landers and submitted by Joanne Watson for our Volume II History Book it was a popular spot in the '20s and '30s. It is a spring-fed stream banked by 50 to 60 foot high bluffs. The land was owned by a man named Sibetts who allowed people to go there. Popular spots there were the Devil's Slide, a steep embankment where kids would sit on their backsides and slide down the hill, and the Devil's Chimney, a caliche bluff with a hole all the way through it. People would build a fire underneath it, and the smoke would go up the hole like a chimney. On a Sunday afternoon in 1935, five boys, including Russell Landers, Kenneth McAdoo and Charles West, walked out to Sleepy Hollow, which was a common thing for kids to do on Sunday afternoon. What was not common was the intensity of the dirt storm approaching storm. Once the storm hit, they realized they could not get back to town. hey held hands and managed to get in a hollow spot in one of the bluffs. Meanwhile, anxious parents, worried that a blizzard might be following the storm.blew the fire whistle at the steam –operated light plant. The whistle drew the townspeople who handed together to look for the missing boys. The dirt in the air was so thick that Perry and the others would stop often and rinse their handkerchiefs in the creek they were using to cover their faces. The boys were found perhaps by J.T. Patton.

Thanks Perry and Joanne for sharing this story. I hope Sleepy Hollow is still out there. If it is let us hear a new story about it. This story is just one of many in Volume II of the Lipscomb County History Book. It is available at the museum.

In closing, it is with sadness that we said goodbye last week to a friend of the museum, Faye Schoenhals. She will be missed.

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