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July 7, 2013

by Virginia Scott


The museum has been busy with holiday visitors, changing of exhibits, and sending old newspapers off for archiving. The July/August exhibits consists of Paintings by Rebecca Ashley, "Jewels for Joanne" by friends and family of the late Joanne Watson. Paintings by Arlene Walker will complete the exhibit. The date for their reception will be announced soon.

The proceeds from the jewelry sales are 100% donated to the Higgins Beautification Fund in Joanne's memory. Please plan to come and visit. We are sure you will enjoy.

Dorothy and Lovella sent another group of our old newspaper to Denton for scanning and the issues will be available through website of the North Texas University Library. Their website Portals of Texas History features photographs and newspapers from across the state. A great resources for history.

Georgia represented us at Commissioner Court on Monday to received our 2012 Achievement Award for the Texas Historical Commission. These awards are given to Historical Commission who complete three goals during the year and meet the state activity requirements as reflected in an annual report.


In one of his columns "Memories of the Old Home Town" Harry L. Zollars told the story of Bert Gaines, store clerk, at the W.F. Peugh General Merchandise Store. One of Bert's duties was to unload the new merchandise and stock it in the store. One day a shipment of bed springs arrived and Bert was in the process of uncrating when a young lady he was trying to date came by. He was standing on the springs and cut the holding wires last of the wires. With a mighty upheaval the freed springs, hinged at the back end, catapulted Bert high into the air, knocking off his hat and for a very short time he seemed to be suspended there, cavorting in space. Luckily he landed upon a large dune of drift sand and aside from being considerably shook up he was not seriously injured. The young lady observed all of this and broke into laughter. The story goes that he never did get a date with the young lady.

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